NSW Assemblies' Evangelistic Mission

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Assemblies Outreach Magazine

August 2016 (which is Vol. 45 No. 4)


August 2016 cover
Page #
First Glance 3
'Out & About' in NSW Assemblies 4
Prayer & Praise requests from NSW Assemblies 6
Impossible 8
Letters written from prison 10
News from some Commended Workers 11
Books at a Glance 15
EvangelismSHIFT is being taken to the Philippines 16
Jack Douglas Christie (10-3-1924 to 28-7-2016) 18
Stuff we need 20
A letter from Frank Williams 21
Leading public prayers 23

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CROSSWAY's Blog 25
Creative use of technology in churches 26
Why Printed Tracts Matter 27
4 Things to Keep You from Wasting Time Online 28
Internet Corner - (visit the featured links) 29

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