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Assemblies Outreach Magazine

June 2018 (which is Vol. 47 No. 3)


June 2018 cover
Page #
First Glance 3
'Out & About' in NSW Assemblies 4
Praying for NSW Assemblies 6
Report on Hands & Feet 8
"Perception is Reality" 9
News from some Commended Workers 10
"Letter from Brendon Walker 12
Inspiring Hope - camps report 14
Read stories of changed lives 18
How to answer: difficult Questions regarding Christianity 19
ECS Quarterly News 20
The more you share Christ ... 23

Click on the image above to download the complete magazine in PDF format (approx 1.2 Mbytes)

Is dating a non-Christian a good idea? 25
New book: "The Bible in Australia: A Cultural History" 27
Why we are best in a minority 28
Internet Corner - (visit the featured links) 29
NSWAEM info + Christian Funerals Advert 31
CBCS advert 32

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