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Marriage Celebrants in NSW Christian Brethren Assemblies

Backgound Information:
Some NSW Christian Brethren Assemblies have Marriage Celebrants who perform pre-marriage guidance counselling and conduct marriage ceremonies.

These marriage ceremonies have Australian legal status because our marriage celebrants are registered with the Commonwealth Government in accordance with the Marriage Act 1961 (Cth). This Act requires, amongst other things, that marriage celebrants receive training and are reviewed annually. We have a duty to see that this legal process is followed, but moreover, we are keen to have high-quality marriage celebrants.

Over the years the NSW Christian Brethren Coordinating Conference has appointed each marriage celebrant based on the recommendation of the assembly he attends and of its elders.

The process of appointing Marriage Celebrants was updated and agreed by the November 2006 meeting of the NSW Coordinating Conference. It has been agreed that each Authorised Marriage Celebrant should be linked to his assembly’s elders who will be responsible for all celebrants in their assembly, justifying their need, and managing their on-going training.

The Coordinating Conference has appointed a Marriage Committee which currently is Bruce Buckley, Peter Mackie, and Bradley Scott.   It has been formed to:–

  1. Help assess potential marriage celebrants to ensure they meet the legal and skills requirements defined in the Marriage Act 1961.

  2. Explore appropriate training and development methods to help existing Celebrants meet on-going training requirements that each “denomination” must provide.

  3. Support our existing Celebrants in various ways, including facilitating fellowship and networking amongst them.

As Secretary of the NSW Coordinating Conference, Bradley Scott has the duty of being the official link between the NSW Christian Brethren Assemblies and the Commonwealth Government’s Attorney-General’s Department on matters relating to Authorised Celebrants and the Marriage Act 1961 (Cth).

This is done via their agent in NSW which is the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

If there are any questions relating to the above matters please contact Brad (phone 02 9626 0055 or email qbrasco@ozemail.com.au) or contact one of the other members of the Marriage Committee.

If anyone wishes to access the official government list of celebrants on the Internet (for all States and all denominations) it can be found at web page:

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