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CBFV Annual Conference

June 9 – 11,  2006

"Three Windows on Evangelism"

Guest speaker – Dr Rod Wilson

Evangelism & the Cultural Window

Evangelism & the Theological Window

Evangelism & the Biblical Window

Saturday evening Concert:

The Conference will also feature the Steve Messer Band on the Saturday evening in the new auditorium. Steve Messer's Strange Country is an electric-acoustic band that fuses elements of country, bluegrass, blues & gospel into a high-energy whole.

This year's Conference will take on a National flavour for the first time.

There are Registrations from a number of States, and the Conference will be looking at how the Christian Brethren Fellowships can develop a truly national identity in Australia to help us more effectively impact on our society and nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and combat the popular world view of post-modernism with the Kingdom of God.

This will be a great opportunity to share with Christians from a number of different fellowships and enjoy the hospitality of the CYC staff at the Phillip Island Adventure Resort. You will also be greatly blessed as you listen to Rod Wilson who is a well known International speaker and comes to us with a rich background in sharing God's truth with many Christians from around the world. Rod is currently President of Regents College in Vancouver, Canada. 

The Saturday concert by Steve Messer and his band will be a great feature of the Conference. The band appears regularly at the Tamworth Country Music Festival and Steve won the Hohner Golden Harmonica Championship there in 1999 & 2000.

The weekend will be a rich time of teaching, fellowship and enjoyment as we share together. If you are unable to come for the whole weekend then aim to set aside the Saturday and come down as a Day Visitor.

The new Auditorium at the Phillip Island Adventure Resort

The costs are as follows:

Standard Weekend Rates -         Saturday Day Visitors -

    (Lunch & Dinner)

Adults                    $120              Adults              $ 50

Adults – 1 night       $  80              Student / child  $ 25

Student                  $  70

Family                    $260

For further information contact Geoff Whittaker:-

Tel   (03) 9761 4385

Fax  (03) 9761 7932

Mobile  0431 251 871

Email    gw@bhsc.vic.edu.au

Post     PO Box 399, Kilsyth, Victoria 3137

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