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Assemblies Outreach Magazine – the current issue is —

August 2019 (which is Vol. 48 No.4)

was mailed to assemblies and individual subscribers on 29 August 2019.
[Please Note: Items for the next issue should be submitted to the Editor by Friday, 13 September 2019 if possible.]


August 2018 cover
Page #
First Glance 3
'Out & About' in NSW Assemblies 4
Praying for NSW Assemblies 6
Two hindrances to Prayer 8
News of Commended Workers 9
'And can it be?' 14
WMC 2019 report
How do I get out of my Bubble? 19
The Importance of Books 20
Bible Conference at Lithgow 24
Are Christmas Trees evil?25
Does Life have any meaning? 26

Eulogy for Richard Saxby 27
Internet Corner 29
NSWAEM info + Christian Funerals Advert 31
CBCS advert 32

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